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About UCP

Union Cables and Pipes, is an industrial sector located in the heart of Lebanon and is known as one of the most important companies in Lebanon in the field of electrical cables and plastic pipes & fittings.

The company has grown and expanded really well, because of various important factors such as: proper management, high quality of its products, meeting international standards, excellent services...

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The company is called UCP (Union Cables and Pipes) as it is a huge factory operating from Lebanon to the whole African and MENA Region.

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CEO Message

“The pipe and cable industry is currently witnessing development and expansion to meet the growing demand for the implementation of projects in Africa and in the MENA Region ... so we always ask for a large number of distributors to meet the need for African markets in particular”

“The reputation of plastic pipes, especially pipes of hot and cold world-class health and resistance to high temperature and high pressure, which is not affected by rust and teething and leakage of water and is distinct from other lightweight, and easily transported. These kinds of pipes live for a long period of time”

“The company is seeking to meet the market’s need and provide the best products and global commitment to ensure customer’s satisfaction.”

Managing Director

Ghazi Ezzeddine